Vision / Management Policy

The UBE Group Vision is set as described below based on the business principles of "coexistence and mutual prosperity" and "from finite mining to infinite industry."

Wings of technology and spirit of innovation. That's our DNA driving our global success.

The UBE Group will embrace a frontier spirit in seeking to achieve coexistence with the global community driven by the limitless possibilities of technology, while continuing to create value for the next generation through manufacturing.

The UBE Group was founded over 120 years ago in the Ube region as a coal mining operation, and has since continued to transform itself as times and industry change. During that time, technology and innovation have been two constant values running through the history of the UBE Group.

Our business activities center around "production" that is backed by technical ingenuity, combined with the ability to grasp modern needs and rise up to challenges without fearing change. The reach of the UBE Group today extends across the globe, yet we continue to hold true to the same common values that are embedded in our very DNA.

The Group Vision describes our ongoing commitment to embrace the pioneering spirit held in our founding principles. It also describes our commitment to co-exist with all stakeholders—including shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, and communities—and co-exist with the global environment, by continuing to create value as a corporate entity.

The UBE Group formulated and unveiled the new medium-term management plan covering three-year period ending in fiscal 2018. In addition, the UBE Group will develop the plan by mobilizing the unified strength of the entire group under the basic policy in the plan described below.

Management Strategies

1. Strengthen the Business Foundation to Enable Sustainable Growth

  1. The UBE Group will focus on profit margin at each business divisions and improve profitability of existing products through painstaking cost reduction.
  2. Under the business strategy emphasizing consolidated cash flow, the UBE Group will carry out investment to support growth while ensuring that we will also reap the fruits of investment projects.
  3. The UBE Group will improve the ability to respond quickly to changes in the global business environment by expanding the network of business offices overseas and deepening coordination among Group companies in Japan and overseas.
  4. For the revitalization and further growth of the chemicals segment, the UBE Group will aim to achieve the recovery of the segment's operating income to 20 billion yen or more before the end of the final year of the new medium-term management plan to reach the starting point of the next growth stage.

2. Address and be Part of the Solution for Resource, Energy, and Global Environmental Issues

  1. The UBE Group actively pursues initiatives for realizing a sustainable society. In particular, the UBE Group will promote a reduction in greenhouse gas through the reduction of energy consumption and the expansion of waste recycling throughout our supply chain, while ensuring overall profitability. It will also promote the creation and expansion of technologies and products to contribute to, among others, the reduction in environmental load.
    → FY2021 target: 15% reduction in greenhouse gas (as compared with FY2005)

(For more details of the medium-term management plan called "Change & Challenge" please refer to "Management Strategy".)