UBE Group Basic Policies for CSR

Based on the founding spirit and corporate philosophy of the UBE Group, we will meet our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) in order to contribute to the sustainable growth of society through our business.

  1. In accordance with laws and regulations at home and abroad, and international norms and guidelines that should be observed, and with respect for human rights, we will pursue our corporate activities in a sound and fair manner.
  2. We will pursue corporate governance that is in keeping with the demands of society and strive to continuously expand revenues and enhance our corporate value.
  3. We will secure safety and quality in providing environmentally friendly products.
  4. We will strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and effectively utilize resources in order to conserve the global environment.
  5. We will practice appropriate information disclosure for all stakeholders and readily communicate with society.
  6. As a good corporate citizen, we will engage in social initiatives at home and abroad, to contribute to the growth of communities.