UBE Group Basic Policies for CSR

The UBE Group got its start in 1897, more than a century ago, with the establishment of the Okinoyama Coal Mine in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Since then, the Group has continued to branch out into new fields to meet modern needs, developing various business that have nearly unlimited possibilities and leverage precious resources - today going far beyond coal - to create value. The Group has been driven by the desire to facilitate long-lasting prosperity, in the spirit of harmonious coexistence and mutual prosperity with communities.

The UBE Group's core identity revolves around a ceaseless drive to innovate and create groundbreaking technology, and a commitment to positive coexistence with society.

UBE embraces the following principles in endeavoring to meet its social responsibilities with respect to business, the environment, and its connection to society.

  • Continually improve profits and earnings and maintain a sound financial position in order to increase corporate value.
  • Provide products, services, and systems that contribute to safety and the environment, reduce the use of harmful materials and waste, and institute policies for the prevention of global warming in order to contribute to the conservation of the global environment.
  • Establish compliance procedures to improve corporate governance and create a better working environment as a part of our activities to contribute to society.

These three principles form the cornerstone of the UBE Group's corporate activities, as it actively strives to facilitate sustainable growth as a corporation and for society. At the same time, UBE conducts appropriate information disclosure to earn the confidence of its diverse stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, and local communities.