UBE Group Environmental & Safety Principles

As members of society, corporations must be fully conscious of their responsibilities regarding contributions to society, environmental preservation and the maintenance of health and safety in carrying out their corporate activities. The UBE Group shall pursue the following vision in order to fulfill its leadership role and shall work to improve the safety and the quality of the environment among all of its Group companies through the publication of performance reports and the implementation of dialogues with society.

Operational Safety Ensuring operational safety shall be the priority in all areas and activities under UBE's commitment to respect human life.
Process Safety Maintenance of process safety shall be part of its basic mission as a manufacturer.
Environmental Preservation As a responsible corporate citizen, the UBE Group shall act positively to protect and improve both community and regional conditions and work for the preservation of the global environment.
Product Safety The UBE Group shall pursue its corporate responsibility in providing its customers and the public with safe and reliable products.
Health Management The UBE Group recognizes that maintaining and promoting the health of its employees is the basis of corporate and social vitality.

President and Group CEO, Representative Director