Responsible Care

The UBE Group pursues initiatives that are consistent with the principles of Responsible Care - the chemical industry's commitment to sustainability.

Responsible Care commits corporations that manufacture or handle chemicals to openly report their policies on the environmental, safety, and health performance of chemicals throughout the entire life cycle from chemicals development to their manufacturing, distribution, usage, end consumption, and disposal. Corporations take responsibility for implementing self-directed environmental, safety, and health measures to improve performance.

The UBE Group embraces Responsible Care and implements its principles in all of its business segments including chemicals, cement and construction materials, Machinery, and energy and environment.

The Group engages in the following initiatives under the Responsible Care commitment.

  1. Environmental Preservation
    Initiatives for the health and natural environment of people worldwide and in communities.
  2. Process Safety and Disaster Preservation
    Initiatives for the prevention of accidents at facilities and mitigation of natural disasters.
  3. Occupational Safety and Health
    Initiatives for the health and safety of workers.
  4. Logistics Safety
    Initiatives for the prevention of accidents related to logistics, and for disaster mitigation.
  5. Product Stewardship
    Disclosure and communication of the properties and handling methods of chemicals, for the safety and health of all persons who handle chemicals including customers, and for conservation of the environment.
  6. Publication of performance reports and dialogue with social
    Open reporting of the details and outcomes of activities, and social and community dialogue.
Responsible Care community dialogue meeting Responsible Care community dialogue meeting
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The UBE Group implements the following environmental and safety initiatives under the Responsible Care commitment, which encompasses the Group's commitment to engage in environmentally-friendly business practices.

  1. Environmental conservation: The Group endeavors to improve air and water quality, reduce chemical emissions, and reduce and recycle industrial waste, using regulatory levels as minimum requirements. The Group has set a goal of achieving a 15% reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from energy consumption by 2015, compared with 1990 levels.
  2. Accident prevention at facilities and occupational health and safety: The Group focuses on employee-driven initiatives for accident prevention, and employs risk assessment and other means to improve performance.
  3. Logistical safety and product stewardship: The Group furnishes customers and shipping companies with safety data sheets (SDSs) and emergency contact information in case of issues during transportation. In addition to implementing safety testing for new chemicals, the Group participates in international testing programs for chemical safety.
  4. Social and community dialogue: The Group publishes a Corporate Social Responsibility Report and conducts Responsible Care dialogue meetings with communities, to facilitate exchange with members of the community.

Responsible Care Report