Corporate Social Responsibility / Environment & Safety

CSR Activities

The UBE Group was founded with the principles of seeking harmonious coexistence and mutual prosperity with diverse stakeholders. Since its start in the coal mining business, Ube has continued to branch out into new industrial fields to meet modern needs, developing a variety of businesses that have virtually limitless possibilities and leverage precious resources to create value. Moving forward, the UBE Group will continue working to earn the trust of diverse stakeholders and have a positive impact on all sectors of society, while actively communicating about its initiatives.

The UBE Group is involved in a broad range of business activities which provide products and services that benefit people's everyday lives. Ube's chief social responsibility as a corporation is to continue providing these benefits by securing profits through these business activities. This, in turn, means that the Group must secure the confidence and backing of society. In running its business, Ube pursues harmonious coexistence with diverse stakeholders, seeking to build positive relations with shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, and people in all the communities where it does business. This approach is designed to ensure the sustainability of the UBE Group.

Approach to CSR

Environmental & Safety