UBE Industries to Increase Production Capacity of Nonadhesive CCL

July 15, 2002

UBE Industries, Ltd. (President: Kazumasa Tsunemi) has announced plans to increase production capacity of a nonadhesive CCL (copper clad laminate) (brand name "UPISEL-N"), at the Gifu factory of its affiliaed company, Ube-Nitto Kasei Co., Ltd. Plans call for increasing the production capacity of UPISEL-N to 2.5 times the current level by the end of 2003.

Having Rralized large-scale production in September 2000 with the cooperation of Ube-Nitto Kasei, the company began commercial production of UPISEL-N, a dual-layer CCL, in the spring of 2001.

The company made the decision to increase the production capacity based on its prediction of rapidly rising demand for use in PCs, mobile phones and other IT and mobile communications applications. These products require high-performance substrates and chips as well as higher circuit densities to handle video images and deliver better picture resolution.
Currently, there are three types of dual-layer CCLs on the market: laminates manufactured using casting, sputtering and plating, and laminating technologies. UPISEL-N has characteristics of excellent dimensional stability even exposed to moisture and high peeling strength. Those can fully satisfy technical needs and requirements in the market trend of fine-pitch circuitry, multilayer designs, COF (Chip on Film) attachment and smaller LSI packages.

The company provides product lines with a copper laminate thickness of 35, 18, 12 or 9 microns and a polyamide thickness of 50, 38 or 25 microns. Users can choose either a single-side or double-side format. Ube Industries has particular expertise in supplying double-side, ultra-thin 12/25/12 and 9/25/9 laminates. The company will continue to seek ways to achieve even thinner layers of copper and polyamide film to meet new customer needs. Through these activities, Ube Industries plans to develop UPISEL-N into the core product of its polyamide business.


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