UBE Automotive - Michelin agree to jointly develop the wheels for PAX System,a new-generation mobility system

October 24, 2002

UBE Automotive, Ltd. (CEO: Isao Tamura), a management company of UBE group's aluminum wheel business, announced that it has agreed with Michelin (CEO: M. Edouard Michelin), one of the largest tire makers, to jointly develop the wheels for Michelin's run flat tire system, "PAX System".
Run flat tire system is the tire that can run after a loss of pressure with the security of zero-pressure tire. PAX System, that is an integrated system comprising a tire, a wheel, a support ring, and a pressure sensor, offers driveability of up to 200 kilometers at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.
Wheels for PAX System need to be specially designed, lighter, and stronger, so it has been difficult to produce by conventional process. UBE Automotive's originally developed SQUEEZE casting process can produce lighter, significantly stronger, and greater design flexible wheel compared to other processes, and is recognized as one of the best technologies for PAX System. Safety is the most important element in developing new vehicles, so it is expected to produce the ultimate tire system that guarantees the security and allows run-flat capabilities to drive to the safe place.
UBE Automotive, Ltd. as one of the largest aluminum wheel suppliers with three plants located in Japan, U.S., and Canada, and total capacity at five million wheels per year, prepares for increasing aluminum wheels demand in the future, including expansion of existing plants' capacity, and also investigating to establish a new plant in Europe.


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