Ube Develops Industry's First Color Recycling Technology

December 5, 2003

Ube Industries,Ltd. (President: Kazumasa Tsunemi) has developed a technology that can adjust the color of waste plastic that has been colored with dyes, pigments or paints, and use it to create high-quality recycled resins with outstanding outward appearance.

Plastic is commonly colored with dyes or pigments in the forming process, or painted before being shipped to market, but this can create difficulties in the recycling process, as various colors can be all mixed together, along with surface paint. The resulting mass can generally only be colored black. A good deal of this material is never recycled and in the end is disposed of as industrial waste.

Building on its experience in compound coloration technology, Ube Industries has succeeded in developing technology for using strongly opaque pigments in recycled resins. This technique makes it possible to process recycled plastics of various colors to any color desired, and to disguise surface paints that get mixed in.

The recoloring process creates a sealed surface that is particularly attractive when used with the textured surfaces that are commonly found in molded products.

The process can be used with any type of resin, increasing the range of waste plastics that can be recycled. This is a revolutionary new development that may vastly expand the range of materials that can be recycled.

Ube Industries has already asked plastics users for their evaluations of resins produced using this recycling technology, and has begun supplying users with samples of recycled resins appropriate for their needs.


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