Ube Industries and Yamaguchi University Seal Comprehensive Agreement On Cooperation in Research and Development

April 2, 2004

Yamaguchi University (President: Hiroshi Kato) and Ube Industries,Ltd. (President: Kazumasa Tsunemi) have reached a comprehensive cooperative agreement to expand and develop their joint research and development efforts, to further the interests of both academia and industry, and to make a broad contribution to the region and to society.

The two institutions share a long, rich tradition of research and personnel exchanges. Building on this foundation and looking forward, they wish to closely share the knowledge gained through the independent R&D efforts of each, and to engage in high-level research on jointly determined R&D issues, with the aim of developing innovative technologies and products.

For this purpose, over a five-year period starting April 1, 2004, the two will work to clarify their mutual cooperative relationship, examine the fields of engineering, medicine, science, agriculture and other areas, to develop research themes, internships, recurrent education, personnel training and other opportunities they can deal with in common. The spiraling improvement in relations between universities and corporations can be expected to benefit the region as a whole.

In terms of joint research, areas to be examined over the medium- to long-term include environmental issues, in particular the reduction of carbon-dioxide gas. Environmental and symbiotic sciences are an area of research specialty for Yamaguchi University, and Ube Industries will contribute its expertise in C1 chemistry and in recycling technology for waste products. In the short term, the company and the university will intensify their common focus on fine chemicals, specialty products, and other areas in which they are already conducting cooperative research.

A comprehensive cooperation committee, made up of senior managers from each organization, will have ultimate authority over joint decision making. Representatives from each organization at the research and technological development level may make up a planning and management committee that will take responsibility for considering possible areas for joint research, offer technical advice, coordinate joint research, and evaluate and handle the results of research.

As a tool for the exchange of information, the two organizations will set up a joint intranet (YUI Net). The broad utilization of YUI Net should help to further joint research and development.


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