Ube Industries Paves Way for Full-Scale Production of Heliofresh® Marine Fragrance

August 24, 2005

TOKYO, August 24th, 2005_ Ube Industries, Ltd. today announced that it will install equipment that paves the way for full-scale production of its Heliofresh® marine fragrance, which is made from a new diphenyl derivative. The new equipment will be installed at the Ube Chemical Factory.

Originally announced by Ube Industries in 2003, Heliofresh® is the world's first fully synthetic marine fragrance successfully derived from catechol. The fragrance is notable for its refreshing melon and watermelon notes. Heliofresh® has received considerable interest and is now used in many famous perfumes for its trendy aroma.

Prior to the introduction of Heliofresh®, marine fragrances had been produced from safrole extracted from sassafras woods, a member of the laurel family mainly growing in an area stretching from the southern part of China to Vietnam. However, in recent years, the supply of safrole has become unstable due to low availability of sassafras woods caused by deforestation. Furthermore, the cutting of sassafras woods has become increasingly regulated in an effort to prevent flood damage and conserve the environment.

To address the situation, Ube Industries set out to develop a new process for synthesizing the fragrance without the use of botanical components. The company later commenced multi-plant production of the synthesized marine fragrance in 2004. Since its introduction, Heliofresh® has gained an excellent reputation among the world's leading toiletry and perfume companies for its outstanding purity and the clear and refreshing quality of its aroma. As a result, Heliofresh® is rapidly poised to replace natural marine fragrances in the market.

By adoptiong equipment that paves the way for full-scale production of Heliofresh®, Ube Industries will increase its annual production capacity to 500 tons, a volume that is nearly sufficient to meet the entire global demand for marine fragrances. The company expects to bring the new equipment online in July 2006.

Ube Industries will seek to increase its sales of the eco-friendly Heliofresh® marine fragrance with a view toward commencing full-scale production sometime during FY2007. The strategy fits the company's policy of helping to conserve forest resources while simultaneously strengthening Ube Industries' fine chemicals business.


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