Ube Industries and Mitsubishi Start Co-Management of Hydrogen Peroxide Joint Venture

December 21, 2007

TOKYO, December 21, 2007 _ Ube Industries, Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation today announced that they have agreed to start co-managing a hydrogen peroxide joint venture company from January 1, 2008.

Kemira-Ube, Ltd. was established in 1989 as a joint venture of Ube Industries and Kemira Oyj (Finland) to engage in the manufacturing and sale of hydrogen peroxide. Ube Industries has obtained all shares owned by Kemira Oyj, selling a 49% stake to Mitsubishi Corporation and retaining 51%, and the company's name will be changed to UBE-MC Hydrogen Peroxide Ltd. (Ube-MC), in January. Ube Industries will supply Ube-MC's Representative Director and President, and Mitsubishi Corporation will provide the Vice-President.

Kemira-Ube commenced the manufacture and sale of hydrogen peroxide in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture in July 1992, using technology supplied by Kemira Oyj. Ube Industries is supplying Kemira-Ube with hydrogen, which is the principal raw material in the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen is manufactured by employing a unique, environmentally friendly technology that uses coal, petroleum coke (the residue from the refinement of crude oil), and waste plastic.

Mitsubishi Corporation independently engages in sales of hydrogen peroxide through Shinsanso Kagaku Co. (Tomakomaishi, Hokkaido), in which the company currently holds a 50% share. Following the acquisition of the Kemira-Ube shares, Mitsubishi Corporation will sell all of the hydrogen peroxide it receives as a 50% shareholder in Shinsanso Kagaku to Ube-MC, and Mitsubishi Corporation will act as agent for the sale of all Ube-MC products.

Ube Industries and Mitsubishi Corporation entered into the joint-venture contract with the intent of leveraging Kemira-Ube's distribution facilities (specialized vessels, storage facilities/shipping facilities, and others) to develop the company into a highly competitive hydrogen peroxide manufacturer over the medium and long term using a co-management scheme. The objectives of the co-management of the two companies are as follows.


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