Ube Establishes Local Subsidiary in India for Machinery Business

December 26, 2011

TOKYO, December 26, 2011_ Ube Industries, Ltd. today announced that the company's main subsidiaries in the machinery business, Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd. and Ube Techno Eng Co., Ltd. jointly established a local subsidiary in India. The new subsidiary, Ube Machinery India Private Limited, is based in Gurgaon District in Haryana State, and will start operating in January 2012.

The machinery business is one of Ube's core platform businesses, and the company is endeavoring to strengthen its global capabilities and expand its services business in order to accommodate growing markets in developing nations. Ube Industries has identified India as a key future market due to the rate of economic growth in the nation in addition to the size and growth potential of its market.

Ube has until now supported its users in India through Ube Machinery and Ube Techno Eng based in Japan, working in partnership with local dealers in Delhi and Chennai. With the launch of the local subsidiary, which is situated in the Delhi suburb of Gurgaon, Ube will effectively strengthen its support framework for Japanese-affiliated and local companies alike. The subsidiary will also strengthen future market development and sales efforts to accelerate Ube's machinery business in India.

Profile of Indian Subsidiary

Company Name Ube Machinery India Private Limited
Location Gurgaon District, Haryana State
Business Description After-sales service and sales of industrial machinery and equipment
Established December 2011
Start of Operation January 2012 (Scheduled)
Capital Stock 11,000 thousand rupees
Shareholders Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd. (50%)  Ube Techno Eng Co., Ltd. (50%)
Representative Shinichi Tomita (Director and General Manager of Metal & Plastics Processing Machinery Department,
Ube Techno Eng Co., Ltd.)

Profile of Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd.

Location Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Business Description Manufacturing and sales of die casting machines, injection molding machines, extrusion presses,
vertical mills, kilns, bulk handling machines, water screening equipment, bridges,
steel structures and other industrial machinery
Established September 1999
Capital Stock 6,700 million yen
Shareholder Ube Industries, Ltd. (100%)
Representative Tokuhisa Okada, President and Representative Director

Profile of Ube Techno Eng Co., Ltd.

Location Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Business Description Servicing, maintenance and modification of industrial machinery and equipment;
manufacturing and sales of automation and environmental machinery
Established December 1977
Capital Stock 130 million yen
Shareholder Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd. (100%)
Representative Shoichi Miki, President and Representative Director


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