Ube to Build Additional Manufacturing Capacity for High Added-Value Nylon in Spain

October 18, 2012

TOKYO, October 18, 2012 _ Ube Industries, Ltd. today announced that it has decided to build additional manufacturing capacity for nylon 6 at its subsidiary, Ube Engineering Plastics S.A. of Spain, in order to meet growing demand for high added-value nylon in the European and North American markets. The expansion will add 10,000 tonnes of production capacity annually and is expected to start its operation in March 2015.

As need for environmentally-friendly films has increased, there is growing demand for nylon used in packaging films for products such as food, toiletry, and detergents, specifically for the substitution of polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) films.

Currently, Ube Industries are producing specialty nylon 6 copolymer resins in Japan for export to European and North American markets. By the additional capacity in Spain, which is closer to these markets, Ube will achieve better responsiveness to meet the needs from customers.

The Ube Industries Group currently manufactures nylon 6 in Japan (53,000 tonnes), Thailand (75,000 tonnes), and Spain (20,000 tonnes), with a total global capacity of 148,000 tonnes annually, making it the world’s third largest manufacturer of nylon6. Ube’s nylon 6 products have a particularly strong reputation among industrial users for their quality and formability used in extruded packaging films.

The additional nylon 6 manufacturing capacity will enable Ube to capitalize on recent growth in demand for nylon used in packaging films, which extends to emerging markets in South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Profile of Ube Engineering Plastics S.A.

Company Name Ube Engineering Plastics S.A.
Location Castellón (Comunidad Valenciana) SPAIN
Business Description Production and sales of nylon resins
Established October, 2001
Capital Stock 13,160 thousand Euro
Shareholder UBE Corporation Europe, S.A.  100% (Holding Company 100% shared Ube Industries, Ltd.)
No. of Employees 55


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