-Tokyo Area-

Career Education Seminar at Kogai Elementary School in Minato Ward

September, 2020

The UBE Group was involved in a career education seminar at Kogai Elementary School in Minato Ward, Tokyo. Young employees from the Frontier Technology Research Department of Ube Industries conducted kaleidoscope-making classes for children, teaching them about the properties of light so that they could make their own kaleidoscopes using transparent polyethylene. The children gasped in delight when they were shown how plain light passed through a polarizing filter produces colored light. The annual event provides an opportunity for the UBE Group to communicate the contributions of its businesses to broad applications in society, while teaching children about the wonders and fun of chemistry.

Purpose of Initiative (Objective)
  • Communicate the fun of chemistry to children who will shoulder the chemical industry in the future
  • Communicate the social significance of materials manufacturers to children and their guardians who normally have few opportunities to engage with the materials industry
Number of Employees Involved 5 (kept to a minimum as a precaution against COVID-19)
Outcomes (Number of Beneficiaries, Outcomes, Comments from Participants)

Number of beneficiaries: 20 participating elementary school students

Comments from participating children and instructors: “The explanations were easy to understand and the staff did a great job helping the children,” “I never knew that Ube Industries’ materials were used so widely,” and “I want to become a researcher and study various things.”