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UBE Co-sponsors Koshien Science Championships

March, 2021

The UBE Group served as a corporate partner of the 10th National Koshien Science Championship for senior high school students organized by the Japan Science and Technology Association (JST).

A total of 7,168 students from 606 senior high schools competed in prefectural qualifying tournaments for a chance to represent their prefectures. The 47 prefectural teams competed on various challenges testing their scientific knowledge and skills. The team from Kyoto Prefectural Rakuhoku High School, representing Kyoto Prefecture, was the 2021 champion. The Ube Industries Award, given in recognition of outstanding performance by a team which includes first-year high school students, was awarded to the team from Hiroshima Gakuin Senior High School representing Hiroshima Prefecture.

Unfortunately, the 8th National Junior Koshien Science Championship for junior high school students was canceled due to COVID-19. However, the 2021 Junior Koshien Science Exhibition was held online, with UBE as the corporate co-sponsor.

Purpose of Initiative (Objective)
  • Build a broader foundation for science appreciation and contribute to the growth of high-level science students
  • To serve as an avenue for junior and senior high school students from across Japan to learn how enjoyable and interesting science can be, become aware of the relationship between science, real life, and the real world, and understand the significance of science learning.
Outcomes (Number of Beneficiaries, Outcomes, Comments from Participants) No. of beneficiaries: 7,168 senior high school students and 2,847 junior high school students participating
Image courtesy of JST

Image courtesy of JST