Respect for Human Rights

UBE Group Human Rights Guidelines

The UBE Group is committed to respecting human rights across all of its corporate activities. We comply with national and regional laws, regulations, and social norms in keeping with the globalization of our activities. We support and respect international standards on human rights including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We rapidly identify, prevent, mitigate, and appropriately remedy negative impacts on human rights from our corporate activities in order to meet our social responsibilities as a corporation.

Positioning of These Guidelines and Scope of Application

These guidelines are consistent with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Together with the UBE Group Action Guidelines, they guide our human rights efforts across our corporate activities, which are based on the UBE Corporate Philosophy and UBE Management Principles. These guidelines apply to all officers and employees of the UBE Group. We also ask all of our business partners, the entire supply chain, and all other parties involved in our business activities to conduct themselves according to the principles of these guidelines and respect human rights.

Respect for Human Rights

We respect for fundamental human rights of all persons and endeavor to help people live in peace and security. Furthermore, we ask all stakeholders of our business to respect and not infringe upon human rights, in order to avoid indirectly contributing to human rights infringements.

Prohibiting Discrimination

We prohibit discrimination in all of its forms including based on gender, nationality, ethnic background, race, disability, health condition, age, social status, home environment, religion, faith, gender identification, sexual orientation or type of employment.

Prohibiting Harassment

We prohibit harassment in any form that violates the dignity of individuals including sexual harassment, harassment involving abuse of power, and harassment against pregnant employees.

Rights of Workers

We respect the basic rights of workers including the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining. We do not tolerate forced labor or child labor in any form. We also comply with the laws and regulations that apply in the countries and regions in which we operate and engage in responsible labor practices including ensuring occupation health and safety in workplaces, fair and appropriate wages that take a living wage into account, and proper management of working hours.


We implement suitable human rights education to ensure that all officers and employees properly understand and are aware of human rights.

Human Rights Due Diligence

In order to meet our responsibility to respect human rights, we identify adverse impacts on human rights our corporate activities could have, based on the approach for human rights due diligence described in the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We implement initiatives to prevent and mitigate adverse human rights impacts, and endeavor to undertake suitable and effective remedies if adverse human rights impacts arise from our corporate activities. We also work to correct adverse human rights impacts that arise in supply chains.

Addressing Human Rights Infringements

If a human rights infringement is discovered, we promptly remove the source of the infringement on human rights and undertake corrective countermeasures or cooperate on countermeasures with support from within and outside the Group. To ensure that we rapidly identify and correct human rights issues, we suitably operate grievance mechanisms and continually develop effective mechanisms.


We utilize specialized knowledge on human rights from within and outside the Group in various ways, and continually engage in dialogue with stakeholders on human rights issues that surround the UBE Group, seeking to advance our human rights initiatives.

Masato Izumihara
President and Representative Director
Ube Industries, Ltd.

Respecting Human Rights

The UBE Group Action Guidelines state that the Group will respect the personal dignity of all persons including their personalities and individuality, while promoting mutual understanding and refraining from discrimination. In addition, the Group will refrain from all inhumane practices including forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking, as well as refraining from having any ties with individuals and organizations that are involved in such practices.

The UBE Group also conducts various Group-wide human rights education programs under the UBE Group Human Rights Guidelines, including training for directors, training by business location, and training by job level, using instructors from outside the Group.

The Group continues to implement measures to inform employees about and prevent any actions prohibited in the Human Rights Guidelines. These measures include group training for managers and e-learning programs for all employees on preventing harassment, including abuse of power and sexual harassment. The UBE Group is working to ensure that all employees have a correct understanding and awareness of human rights and that each individual is respected as a human being across all of our business activities.

In cases where a human rights infringement is revealed through internal reporting, business reports, or other channels, the UBE Group takes prompt action to correct the situation and administers the appropriate internal discipline. In addition, the Group reports such cases to management and disseminates this information throughout the Group to improve its efforts to ensure respect for human rights and to prevent recurrence. In fiscal 2020, there have been no cases of serious human rights infringement, such as those that could involve criminal penalties, involving UBE Group companies or their employees.

Human Rights Education (FY2020)
Internal group training sessions: 6 (Total number of participants from UBE Industries: 260)
Outside human rights training sessions: 32 (Total number of participants from UBE Industries: 35)
E-learning sessions: 2 (Participation rate: 99%)

The UBE Group Sustainable Procurement Guidelines, which include measures to address human rights, apply to all Group business partners, in order to ensure that human rights are respected throughout the entire supply chain.

In accordance with these guidelines, the Group assesses risks from the perspective of CSR by conducting regular surveys of its major business partners. The Group also works with business partners to address such human rights issues as labor conditions and the risk of human rights infringement.