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Material in service

UBS covers wide range of material kind from Cast Iron to Steel Cast Iron according to Customer’s requirement.
■ Carbon Steel ( SC, SCW)
■ Low-alloy Steel ( SCMn, SCMnH, SCCrM, SCMnCrM, SCH, SCPH, SCPL, etc.)
■ Cast Iron (FC, FCD, FCDH)
■ Wear resistant steel (Ni-Hard Alloy)
■ Heat resisting steel (SCH)

Capable of manufacturing size

Casting product is designed, manufactured based on Customer’s specification and requirement. Casting measure drawing is designed with referring to our accumulated data base and will be reviewed by simulation of solidification and/or metal flow analysis which is calculated by Solidification Program developed by UBS and our partner company.
Our maximum size of manufacturing capable is 120ton weight, 8,000mm width, 13,000mm length in steel casting, 130ton weight in iron casting approximately.
The detail will be confirmed according to customer’s specification.

Product line-up

Mill Swing Lever Grinding Table Roller Boss
●Swing Lever
●Grinding Table
●Roller Boss
Crusher Lower Frame Spider
●Upper Frame
●Lower Frame
Machine Tool Table
Molding Machine Platen
Kiln Tire Girth Gear
●Girth Gear
●Supporting Roller
Forging Press Crown  Frame Cross Head
●Cross Head
Rolling Mill Housing Sendzimir Mill Housing
●Edger Housing
●Sendzimir Mill Housing
Revolving Furnace Bull Gear
●Bull Gear
Steelworks Ladle Slag Pot
●Slag Pot
Ship Rudder Horn Propeller Boss
●Rudder Horn
●Propeller Boss
Engine Crank Case Frame Bed Plate
●Crank Case Frame
●Bed Plate
Dredge Rock Cutter Head Rock Breaking Weight
●Rock Cutter Head
●Pump Casing
●Rock Breaking Weight
Thermal Power Contral Valve Stearn Turbine Casing
●Contral Valve
●Stearn Turbine Casing
Hydroelectric Power Francis Runner Valve Body Valve Plug
●Francis Runner
●Valve Body
●Valve Plug
Nuclear Power Discharge Elbow
●Discharge Elbow
Bridge Bridge shoe Bridge Finger
●Bridge shoe
●Bridge Finger
Construction Building Joint
●Building Joint
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