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Iron & Steel Casting/Manufacturing Criteria & Technical Expertise
UBS is capable of producing, covering wide range of casting material such as General Steel(SC, SCW), Low-Alloy Steel( SCMn, SCCrM, SCPH etc.), Heat Resistant Steel(SCPH), Ductile Iron Steel(FC, FCD) whose size will be from 1ton to 100ton over and we shall be expected to realize, produce Customer’s various requirement based on the ceaseless technical and manufacturing innovation which will be fulfilled through our long-term accumulated experiences in the industrial field.

Quality Improvement through IT- Technology, Apparatus

Casting Simulation Process
Infrared Thermal Camera (thermo-tracer)

Synergy in UBE GROUP

■ UBE Scientific Analysis Laboratory, Inc. Inspection of metallography and metallurgic analysis with REM, EPMA, XRD, GCMS etc.
■ UBE MACHINERY CORPORATION,LTD. Finish-Machining for large size casting product
Radiographic inspection (by LINAC)
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