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Corporate Message

Corporate Message
Thank you for visiting the website of UBE STEEL CO., LTD.

UBE STEEL CO., LTD. is founded in 1914 as casting and forging department of UBE SHINKAWA IRON WORKS in Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan.
In 1942, UBE SHINKAWA IRON WORKS was affiliated with UBE INDUSTRIES, LTD. and we started to provide casting, forging material under the name of UBE MACHINERY WORKS which was the machinery division of UBE INDUSTRIES, LTD.
In 1975, UBE MACHINERY WORKS diversified into steel billet manufacturing field and 60t electrical arc-furnace and continuous casting facility were introduced and started providing billet to steel bar industry in Japan. Thereafter, we increased production capacity with introducing No.2 continuous casting facilities for steel billet production, low-frequency induction furnace for iron cast production, 60t refinery furnace in melting shop for high-quality product etc. and enhanced its business activity to correspond to industrial growth in Japan.
In 1989, we were separated from UBE MACHINERY WORKS and came to be independent company as UBE STEEL CO., LTD. (UBS)
Today UBS is continuing to provide casting part to major industries such as automobile, heavy machinery construction, power generation, ship building, steel making industries, steel billet to steel bar industries in Japan, foreign countries both respectively.In addition to these production activities, UBS is executing industrial wastage disposal service which is utilizing high heat generated from electric furnace so that is contributing to create the environmental harmonized society and pursuing to realize “Zero-emission Society" with our technical expertise accumulated during more than 100 years and the newest IT technologies.
UBS will continue to endeavor to be acknowledged as “ Reliable company " in Japan.

President Nobuyuki Murakami

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