Facility to Convert Fly Ash into a Raw Material for Cement Begins Operations

Key element of the Yamaguchi Eco-Town basic design

April 12, 2002

A joint venture set up by Ube Industries, Ltd. (President: Kazumasa Tsunemi) and Tokuyama Corporation, Yamaguchi Eco-Tech Corporation (President: Yasuhide Haya; Head Office: Tokuyama City, Yamaguchi Prefecture), has completed an experimental facility at the Tokuyama Factory of Tokuyama Corp. to convert fly ash into raw material for cement. Construction began in July 2001. Yamaguchi Eco-Tech began full-scale operations on April 1, 2002 after completing trial operations in the middle of March.

Yamaguchi Eco-Tech was established in April 2001 with each partner holding a 50% interest aiming to transform ash from incinerators in Yamaguchi Prefecture, into a material that can be used in the manufacture of cement. From its inception, this venture has been positioned as a key element of the Yamaguchi Eco-Town basic design that was announced in March 2001 by the Yamaguchi prefectural government.
Yamaguchi Eco-Tech collects ash from incinerators in Yamaguchi Prefecture, processes it and then transports it to the Nanyo factory of Tokuyama Corp. and the Ube factory of Ube Industries. There it is used as an ingredient in Portland cement. Yamaguchi Eco-Tech can process 50,000 tons of fly ash annually.

The start of operations at this company will greatly increase the reuse of fly ash, raising the overall recycling ratio within Yamaguchi Prefecture. Furthermore, this recycling program will help to extend the useful lives of landfills, making an important contribution to creating a society in which all resources are reused.

A ceremony to mark the completion of this facility will be held on May 9 (Thursday).


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