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Production Facilities/Capabilities

Steel making shop

Steel making shop
Heroult type electric furnace 60t (60000KVA) each 1 set
30t (15000KVA)
10t (5000KVA)
Ladle furnace 60t (14500KVA) 1 set
Co-Injection system   1 set
Low frequency induction furnace 20t 10t each 1 set
High frequency induction furnace 2t 2 sets
Billet continuous casting machine 60t/h with 4 strand 2 sets
Overhead traveling crane 130t, 100t, 50t etc. 22 sets

Foundry shop

Foundry shop
Continuous mixer 40t/h, 30t/h, 15t/h etc. 12 sets
Batch type mixer 500kg/batch 1 set
Molding pit 8mW x 40mL x 4mH etc. 3 sets
Heat treatment furnace 140t/batch(10mW x 12mL x 4.5mH) 1 set
40t/batch 1 set
30t/batch 1 set
10t/batch 1 set
Core knockout machine Max. 140t 1 set
Semi-automatic cutting machine Max. 2000mm 1 set
Overhead traveling crane 100t, 50t, 30t, 20t etc. 32sets
Turning machine 8mφ x5mH, 5mφ x4mH each 1 set
Boring machine φ 250mm x 4m x 5m, φ 125mm x 2.5m x 6m each 1 set

Testing and research equipment

Testing and research equipment
Universal testing machine 500kN 1 set
Charpy impact tester 300J 1 set
Brinell hardness tester 3000Kg 1 set
Shore hardness tester Hs:max. 140 2 sets
Ultrasonic Flaw detector   5 sets
Magnetic particle flaw detector   7 sets
Metallographical Microscope   4 sets
Fluorescent X-ray analyzer Energy dispersive type 1 set
Chemical analyzer (Carbon and sulfate)   1 set
Vacuum quantorecorder 21 element, 26 element 2 sets
(Note: Radiographic testing equipment (LINAC) is available in our parent company (UBE MACHINERY CORPORATION, LTD.)
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